Goya nominees for The Vault

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain has nominated our colleague Laura Pedro to Best Special Effects Goya for her work as VFX Supervisor in Jaume Balagueró’s film The Vault. Laura shares a nomination with the SFX specialist Pau Costa and shares a job with our CEO Félix Bergés, who also served as VFX Supervisor on the film. Laura Pedro already has a Goya under her belt for Superlópez, which made her the first woman to win the Goya in this category as a VFX Supervisor. Félix Bergés has eight statuettes thanks to his work on titles such as Ágora, The Impossible or A Monster Calls. The 36th edition of the Goya Awards will take place on February 12 at the Palau de les Arts in Valencia.