El Ranchito collaborates with Netflix in El vecino

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Netflix has just announced that it will produce five series in our country that will premiere on the internet entertainment platform in 2020 and that will be seen by its 140 million subscribers in 190 countries. One of these projects is the adaptation of Santiago García and Pepo Pérez’s graphic novels, El Vecino, published by Astiberri. Netflix has chosen El Ranchito to take charge of the visual effects of the series, which narrates in comedy the adventures of a very earthly superhero. Nacho Vigalondo will be its director, Miguel Esteban and Raúl Navarro its screenwriters, Zeta Audiovisual its producer and Quim Guitérrez and Clara Lago will head the cast. El Vecino tells the story of Javier, a man who does not have much luck in life and who suddenly turns overnight into a superhero named Titan, after an alien falls on him. His new superpowers do not help him much until his neighbor José Ramón bursts into his life, and he is who will teach him to use them to do good and also to hide his secret identity even from his girlfriend Lola, a journalist willing to investigate the mysterious new superhero.