The amphibious adventure of El Ranchito

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After its premiere in the last edition of the Sitges Film Festival, the film adaptation of the novel by Sánchez Piñol, Cold Skin, is already on Spanish billboards. Directed by the French director Xavier Gens, Cold Skin tells the story of two men who live alone in an island and who must face the attack of marine creatures. Shot in Lanzarote, Llançà and Madrid, Cold Skin has had the collaboration of El Ranchito, who has been in charge of realizing the many visual effects that this story has required. The film, produced by the Spanish company Babieka Films in collaboration with Ponta Films and the French Ink Connections, was the last work of the recently deceased artistic director Gil Parrondo, winner of two Oscars by Patton and Nicholas and Alexandra. In the international distribution of the characters of Cold Skin, there are the British Ray Stevenson and David Oakes, and the Spanish Aura Garrido.